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123shoot.io is an original game based on the mechanics of the well-known “stone-scissors-paper”. Players compete online for a place in Top, and the winner is the one who turns out to be the fastest.

How to play: The game goal in 123shoot.io is to score as many points as possible. The mechanism of relations between players is made in the style of stone-scissors-paper, and the feature of this game is that players themselves switch their symbol as needed. To earn a prize point, you need to defeat the opponent. Who collects the most victory points, he is rightfully considered the winner. On the 123shoot.io field, the electricity icons are scattered. These are speed boosters, with which you can deal quick, swift strikes against rivals. As a rule, the more speed, the closer the victory. In fact, this game is similar to a duel of cowboys from Westerns about the Wild West. The fight is solved in a split second, and intuition, calculation and experience will help you win.

Control: The fighter moves behind the mouse
Click to accelerate: 1-2-3 to switch between fighter symbols

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