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The game “” is a real land of adventure, where you can go right now. Interesting and exciting multiplayer allows you to compete with players from different parts of the world who are in the world of fantasy. Here you can go with your hero a long and difficult path, exploring unknown territories, overcoming water obstacles and fighting strange creatures that pose a serious threat to life.
Control: move with the mouse, aim and shoot with the left click, right mouse button – attack, interaction, equipment, 1 – heal, use the potion, 2 – mana, I – inventory, C – aim your character, F – activate the nearest NPC / door, R – basic skill, X – teleport, N – show name. There is an opportunity to increase experience, killing green slugs, buying weapons from traders, becoming even more powerful and dangerous for their numerous enemies. The game “” is multiuser, where you can play in real time. Join and have fun.

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