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The game “Agar. gold” – another clone of quality assembly, which is thought through to all sorts of trivia and by the way the developers were able to eliminate the tedious braking that often occurs in similar applications. The goal of each bacterium is to collect the maximum number of multi-colored dots, devour more rivals and naturally take the best position in the top, where gamers from different countries of the vast planet are actively trying to get to. The fight against real enemies and the growth of the hero is the most important component in the virtual spaces.

How to play Agar Gold?

Traveling a bacterium begins with entering an alias and selecting a server, but there is also a set of colorful skins that gives the round character a non-standard look. To quickly eat enemies, as in the original “Agario” is provided for the division into several parts, but their weight must always exceed the opponent.

Control: W – serves as a feeding, space – the division of the hero, the movement takes place behind the cursor.

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