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Welcome to the incredible world of is a multiplayer game where you can compete in dexterity with the rest of the players all over the planet. But now we suggest you play a single version of this great game. Here, your opponents will be controlled not by other gamers, but by a computer. Are you ready to fight other bacteria in “ Solo”? Then, let’s get acquainted with the simple rules of the game. As soon as you click on the “Start” button, you will become a tiny white bacterium. Around you will be rummaged whole crowds of colored bacteria. Some will be small, the second – more, and some of them – huge. Your task is to dig up all the bacteria that will be smaller than your size. Avoid more circles, otherwise, they will swallow you like a small oyster – without chewing. You, in turn, should try to eat all the kids of the game “ Solo” and become much more than your original size. The more you become, the more you can eat large balls. Your bacterium will be more and more, and this will greatly complicate the process of movement. It is worth remembering that you must be as cautious and clever as possible in order to win and score the highest score. Have a good game!

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