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Ahoy.io is a multiplayer shooter with an original idea, where the game resource and health, and ammunition and even bombs! It turned out a real io game with minimal rules and entertaining gameplay!

How to play: A game goal in Ahoy.io is to collect the most gold. The more gold you take on board, the more your ship becomes! Each shot reduces your gold reserve, so the ammo is literally worth its weight in gold. Just beware of the huge figures that wander through the area of ​​the game. Collision with them greatly injures, and cartridges from them ricochet. The most original idea in Ahoy io is gold, which lies on the map. You need to collect it, but if you shoot at it, it will explode! Big pieces fall into small pieces, and if they shoot into small pieces, they will explode at all. The player who finds himself in the explosion field loses a significant part of the hp. So on the one hand you need to collect gold, on the other hand you need to do it carefully and vigilantly. Ahoy.io is a fast game where you need to constantly be in the spotlight and watch both the opponents and the moving figures. Only this way you can get ahead in this race shooting!

Controls: WASD to move < Click for shooting

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