Spread the love – a new game, based on Manage the ball in a dark space among enemies. The goal is to become great. For this, it is necessary to eat. The food here is parts of other players who fly away from them during division. You can separate yourself, or stumble upon a transparent circle with a red frame. In order to quickly gain weight, you need to attack the opponents, which are smaller in size. You can also feed and lure them to attack.
First click on the server, come up with a name, choose a color for your round and exit on the field. In the lower right corner of the map of movements, and at the top of the top players.
How to change Skin: after you have named your hero, you must enter an image link under the nickname. Links to take on any sites with skins (fit angry skins). Then press play and run the game.
Mouse – movement
Spacebar – Separate
E – release many small parts
G – release the double part
S – stop for a while
Enter – send messages to the chat

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