Spread the love is a super cool clone! “It’s especially cool because there are not so many people in it and it does not slow down at all. So you can enjoy a full battle with other worms!

How to play:

The game goal in Angry Worms is to gain as much mass as possible with his worm. To do this, you need to eat colored dots that are scattered on the map and the mass that remains after the death of other worms. To perish, you need to crash into the body of another worm. That’s the game and keeps: everyone wants to prune the other to take his mass to himself. The only tool to attack other worms is acceleration. It gradually burns up the accumulated mass, but it is worth it. It is still important to monitor your own greed and try to control the worm carefully. Players who get off to the Top understand that you’re going quietly – you’ll go on! Angry Worms and it’s a game where you need to be sharp at one point and keep calm – in others. Between these poles is skill!

The worm moves behind the cursor
Click to accelerate

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