Spread the love is a 2D shooter with an excellent engine! While you can play in the beta version, but the reserve is already very, very good. In Invasion and very smart management, the game itself works quickly, and the brevity of design leaves us one on one with the main task of the game – cramming opponents with lead. Armednavok.kom can be compared with just the same for the laconic elegance of design and good game mechanics.

How to play

The task in Armedhavoc is to fill more frags until the round ends. To do this, you need to select weapons and skillfully use platforms for jumping. The game looks a bit like Counter Strike: there are rounds, and frags, and a similar weapon. It is seen that over the Invasion I tried very well, so you should expect from her and new maps and new lotions. For registered users, it is possible to recruit experience, obtain levels. For levels and experience, you can create an advanced design of your character and gain some advantage in combat due to additional skills. Falls do not calculate health points, but falling out of the card equals death.
Armedhavoc com is a game in which a touching design is combined with serious disassembly. Undoubtedly, this game enriches the whole genre and games in general.


WASD: to move

Click to shoot

Shift for viewing statistics

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