Spread the love is a Deep.Io 2. Players are invited to sit behind the wheel of a killer tank, pump it, fight with the Bosses and find out who is the coolest and strongest player!

How to play :

The main task in Arras is to break into the leading position, and then lead the Top players. To do this, you need to pump your tank, destroy other players, Bosses and not let anyone kill you. In order to pump the tank into and you need to destroy the geometric shapes that appear all over the field. The most valuable figures are purple, for which they give the most points. Huge purple polyhedrons are in the center of the map and are protected by homing bullets and the Boss, which can also be destroyed and raised on this score. When you earn points, you pump your tank through the levels. For the levels you are given a pumping point, which you can attach the characteristics of the tank. And three more times you will mutate like Tank, acquiring new gun and tactical capabilities. For this we love Arras, because it’s interesting to play for different types of Tanks! Destroy other players in order to take some of their glasses yourself. The correct way to take the place of the leader is to destroy the acting Toper. In Arras, there is an arrow pointing to the leader of the race. So, becoming a king of the mountain, be careful, because all players know your location! The huge gray forms that the authors added to Arras io are indestructible and used as barriers. Now you can hide behind them and suddenly attack. Now the game has become like a paintball!

Control WASD to move

Click for shooting

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