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More recently fans of the genre and developers have pleased with another space project. In the game, Astrar io funny multiplayer adventures can be assessed, only after you pass it through. Then you will figure out what virtues she is endowed with and the defects that need to be corrected.
Gamers have to play in the intergalactic space, where millions of planets of different sizes are located. You need to control your object so that you do not stumble upon one of them. The game provides for the struggle for territories with numerous competitors. To destroy an enemy spaceplane, use guns attached to the ship. The more rivals are defeated, the higher the line with your name in the world table of records.
Astra io is only a beta version, do not be too strict and demanding, thanks to helping and recommendations from users, the creators will eliminate the shortcomings, for the most comfortable pastime. The flash drive is quite simple to manage, even beginners will feel like masters when launching dynamic gameplay.

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