Spread the love is a massive shooter. And this is one of the games, playing in that, you can exclaim “here this game in the world and I just did not have enough!” Here, players have to collect mass points, shoot asteroids in search of bonuses and, of course, fight with other players for places in Top.

How to play:

 The main task in Astriks is, in one way or another, to get a place in Top. To do this, you need to collect mass points and destroy other players, gaining additional mass from their remains. To successfully fight with others, it is worth breaking asteroids and extracting bonus weapons from them. At the end of the game, you will be given a report on how many opponents you have broken and how long you stayed at the helm of the fighter. Initially, you have a simple laser plus rockets released on the E button (make sure that the keyboard layout is English). With time, when you grow up, more rockets will be produced. They are difficult to get into rivals, but they are very good at breaking asteroids. A laser is always a laser and there is, but it has the property of heating, so do not spend it much, otherwise, you will have nothing to beat when you meet a rival unexpectedly. In the game there are black holes; do not be afraid of them, these are teleports. Help to escape from a stronger player. Sometimes there are bombs. They beat very hard during the explosion, so if they are destroyed, then from a decent distance. Astrix io ​​is a game in which it is nice and pleasant to play, and it’s also very cool to see your nickname in Top. In any case, this is a game that enriches the genre and as such.


Click for laser shooting Right click to move E – to launch missile Q – to use acceleration

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