Spread the love is, in fact, the analogue of It is necessary to compose new words from the available letters and the already existing tree of words. For real $ you can buy the necessary letters. The game is purely for fun, although there is a world record for the number of points scored. How to play:

The main task in is to collect words from available letters. You can start words in an empty, torn from all space, but most often you have to use the already existing letters of other players, i.e. Embedded in the existing tree of words. After the word is written, you need to click the daw in the upper right corner. If there is such a word, then you are credited with points, and the place of spent letters randomly added new ones. To clear a glance over the picture of the world of words, you need to click on the magnifying glass icon. The game is easy on the idea and delivers a lot of fun. In addition, acts as a training of verbal intelligence. Good luck in finding the best words for which you will get the most points!

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