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What today can be more popular than a spinner? Nothing! The new I game “” continues the general spinning. Now you have a lot of competitors from different countries. And it’s not so important that you do not know their real names, but you see only the nicknames in the top-level table. With these guys, you can not only play but also chat. Your task is to twist your turntable, chasing the huge game arena, collect small twists that will allow you to grow to the size of a real monster, and absorb your opponents.
But apart from the small multicolored twists, which add mass and glasses, everywhere there are colored balls. Collision with them is unsafe for your ward. From the push, he will scatter on the smallest pieces and die. The game “” – an excellent multiplayer in the style of the famous, adapted for the newfangled fun. Call friends, have fun and have fun. Good luck!

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