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Welcome to the new mini masterpiece of the followers of Agario’s game wave. We are pleased to present to your attention the browser-based multiplayer game “Basher. Io”. Here, you will meet with very unusual characters – emoticons armed with hammers. Before you will be a large map on which gold coins are scattered. You must collect these coins and then, you will increase your mass. This does not mean that your smiley will become big and formidable, but his hammer will become bigger and bigger. The number of earned gold coins, you can see in the lower left corner. In the game “Basher. Io” it is worthwhile to beware of other players. Even if you have a huge hammer, even a beginner can lie in wait for you and destroy you. Closely monitor the rivals, which will take place in a close range. If you manage to hit your opponent with your weapon, then you can profit by gold, which will remain after him. In the very center of the map will swim pigs – piggy banks. For one blow you do not break such a pig, but with each stroke it will pour out a helping of gold. After a few strikes, it will still break and you will get a big jackpot. It is worth remembering that the more your hammer, the stronger you will be thrown away after the impact, and this sometimes has very sad consequences. Even with a huge weight, you can jump on a beginner with a small hammer and have to start everything from the beginning. Ready to bomb? Then, into battle!

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