Spread the love is a platformer in the style of Io. So you have to with a large number of players in parallel to pass the game level by level!

How to play: do not assume any complicated mechanics, all that is required is to be extremely careful and accurate in order to pass through the obstacles encountered step by step. Obstacles can be in the form of thorns, flying spiked balls, monsters and other troubles. Since Batland and we have a multiplayer game means that along with you it will be another swarm of bats, which will interfere with each other more than help. However, you can take advantage of this feature as an advantage, namely: use other players to push off and move higher. It is difficult, not always necessary, but nobody tries to try. Among other things, in BatLand I have a chat room where you can chat with other players, express your indignation or share the tactics of passing.


Mouse: move left and right

Click: to climb up

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