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Everyone familiar and popular naval shooter Batlgroup is now in the world of IO. The game “” – a new multiplayer, where brutal battles continue on the water and in the airspace. Today you can manage your ship, competing with other players. Here you can shoot down enemy planes and torpedo an opponent. Your main goal is to destroy the enemy and survive yourself.
It’s easy and simple to play, but it does not get any easier. To withstand the onslaught of the enemy, and at the same time to score the maximum number of points – not everyone succeeds. The defense has to be held in three different directions. Bombs are dropped from above and bombers attack, constantly opponents are hitting their guns and submarines are also prevented from relaxing. Move with your mouse, and with your left click shoot. The game “” is very realistic, graphics at the level, perfectly executed models of ships and explosions are completely immersed in virtual reality. Call friends and compete with them. Rise to the top of the rankings and become the best. Pleasant rest. Good luck.

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