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Hooray! Summer! The game «» – a real beach battle, where you can have fun. We leave for the tropical islands and come off in full! Call friends and start a battle. You will play for a boy or a girl, depending on your choice. Fight with competitors you need with the help of balls and other shells. To do the most damage, your ammunition must first be charged. Control: WASD or arrow keys, select the target with the mouse, and shoot with the LMB buttons.
If we squeeze them for a while, then the charging of their weapons begins. Just remember that at this moment your speed decreases, and you become vulnerable to the opponent’s blows. Use such bonuses as glasses of different colors, and each coloring means its advantages. Modernization and abilities such as multiplier balls, too, will bring your victory closer. Game «» is a wonderful multiplayer, which can be mastered for hours.

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