Spread the love is an online io game that you can play on for free.

BIGHERO.IO is an io game in classic style. We can say that this is a kind of upgrade popular, where several different chips are added. How to play :

The combat objective in the Hero is to gain as many points as possible. Points give for the destruction of other players and the destruction of harmful monsters – droplets. The beauty of this game is that the newly entered player has as much chance of success as the current leader. The color droplets in the game affect the length of your weapon. In the left corner of the screen you see an anvil sign and interest. This is the length chart of your weapon. 100% is the maximum length. Needless to say, the longer the sword or ax, the stronger your character in BIGHERO.IO? Collect the droplets. They lie on the field just like that, and they also fall out of the rivals you’ve killed. There are three types of characters in BIGHERO.IO. The first is the players themselves. You need to hit the other player first, and he will die, and you will get a percentage of his points. The second character is harmful droplets that attack players. When you get a droplet, you become inhibited. If such a drop gets stuck in you, then you can perish. The third type of characters is a huge dude. Killed, he gives you a lot of bonus boosters, with which you will become much stronger. Bonus Magnetic attracts you with colored drops of points and other bonuses. The sword bonus speeds up your attack. This is a very useful thing. From the speed of the attack in Hero and your survival depends directly. A badge of shoes increases your speed. Collect bonuses and be careful. Accuracy is one of the main survival criteria in BIGHERO.IO

The hero moves behind the cursor
D to make a dash
Click for strike

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