Spread the love is a very, well, very nice io game. You will need to collect points of experience, shoot with other players and fly with the help of a rainbow!

How to play :

The main task in is to score as many points as possible. To do this, you need to do a few simple things: collect blue dots that give experience, shoot down other aircraft and not let anyone knock you off. The edges of the cards in this game are safe, you just run into them and no one will suffer. As you collect points, you not only get points, but also grow in level. For each new level you are offered to choose on the numbers 1 to 3 improvement: to regenerate health to increase the damage to increase the booster rate Speed ​​Booster in not only looks spectacular, but also recharges quite quickly. Use it – the right mouse button, but in some browsers this booster turns on ctrl + right click. Acceleration is necessary first of all for maneuvering and escape to a safe place to make up for HP. You can also select boxes in which acceleration also occurs.


The plane is moving behind the cursor

Click for shooting

Right click to accelerate

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