Spread the love is a game based on the legendary Diablo. Here you will need to kill monsters in order to swing and clean new enemies from enemies.

How to play: The main objective in is to kill monsters and pumping. Be careful with monsters, because if you are killed in this game, even the mighty Descartes Kane will not resurrect you. If the character in the game dies, then he dies for good. However, there is good news. For the game you need to quickly get an account in To do this, just enter your name and come up with a password. Nothing to confirm is not necessary. And then you choose one of the three available characters: Warrior, Rogue and Magician. Each of them has its own skill tree, and on the map will come across specialized for each hero items. For the killing of monsters, you gradually grow in experience and receive with each new level the pumping points for which you can pump out combat skills and abilities. The warrior in Blackmass is incredibly strong. After you pump him passive skills to fill health and increase armor, you can stand in the thick of the enemy’s attack and you will not be able to kill. So little damage will be applied to you, and your health will be so quickly replenished. The robber is imprisoned here as a warrior – an assistant to other players. He is able to heal others, and passive skills allow him to remain invisible to the enemy. The magician is traditionally strong with incantations for massacres and can mow crowds of rivals in a few strokes, but weak in health. Of some monsters after death, chests fall out. You need to stand on the chest and press Z to open it. Then right click on the item you can drag it to your inventory. If the item is not recognized, you need to identify it with the right mouse click. The further you go deeper into the worlds of Blackmass io, the stronger the monsters will be, and the drop-down items will give more bonuses. For dialogue with other players in Blackmass, there is a dialog box. In it you can agree on where to go, who leads and so on.

Controls: WASD to move

C – open the characteristics of the character – open Inventory

T – open the skill tree

Right click to identify items (if needed)

Click to shoot

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