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Blitzroyale io is a multiplayer 2D shooter in the Io style. The game is made on the principle of “fight to the end,” where the strongest and most successful fighter survives.

How to play:

The combat task in is to defeat the rivals. You find yourself on a large map, where there are many weapons. You need to collect weapons because you start with bare hands. The red edge of the card players waiting for death. Over time, the edges of the map will narrow, so that a meeting with the enemy is guaranteed to happen. The one who is the last to survive wins! offers two game modes: FFA or by commands. Try both options to find out in which case you like to play. And on the battlefield, you can have two weapons. Look at how long it takes to recharge the main trunk. At a critical time, it is more expedient to grab a second weapon to continue the attack!


WASD or arrow keys for movement
Click for shooting
F to take the weapon
Z to throw weapons
Scroll or numbers 1-2 to change weapons

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