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The game “Blocker Survive” continues the theme of survival in an aggressive habitat. Our hero must choose his own tactics of behavior, which will help to achieve his goal. With rivals you can not only fight, but also allied. To confront you need to find ammunition, weapons, protection. All this is in different places on the map. To navigate the terrain and find out your location, it is enough to zoom in on the mini-map by pressing the Q button. You can also notice a contoured circle, which means a security zone.
You need to focus on houses that are visible from above as white dots. Near them you can find various useful bonuses that will be useful later. Killing the enemy, you can also pick up, dropping out of it weapons. Playing is fun and exciting. The game “Blocker Survive” is a continuation of the story of the block hero from previous versions. Control: WASD or arrows – move, click mouse – shooting, E – take any object, F – throw a grenade, G use the found thing.

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