Spread the love – the novelty of Io, a mixture of Diep io + Minecraft. The goal is to collect a huge block while remaining fast. It is not easy to do this, because of the more mass, the more you see the map around, but the speed of movement decreases. In order to stay fast, you need to leave 2 center cubes empty, and build a figure on the right. The central cubes are those on which the nickname of the player is written.
In the upper left corner, there is a map, on it, you can track enemies. You can attack more weak opponents, take away weight. For stronger ones, you can collect non-attached squares.
During the formation of the figure, gaps may form inside, they must be filled. You can do this only by killing a weaker player.
Mouse – to direct a cube
AD – turn left / right
Ctrl + scroll wheel mouse – enlarge the map

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