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Blocky Royale io is a battle grand piano with graphics in the style of Minecraft, and the gameplay is about the same. So if you are a fan of Minecraft and multiplayer battles, then we invite you to play Bloks Royal!

How to play:

The main goal in Blocky Royale is to win. To begin with, you will have to wait for the players and the beginning of the round. Each round lasts until the victorious, i.e. to the last survivor, who is declared the winner. It is not necessary to wait long. After about 2 minutes, the game zone begins to rapidly contract. First of all, try in the Bloks of the Royal and find weapons and ammunition to it. The weapon is taken with the key F. The supplies are of two colors and each is suitable only for a certain type of weapon. You can still chop on your fists, but this is for special connoisseurs. Also, there are first-aid kits and other stuff to replenish life.

Management in Blocky Royale io:

WASD or arrows to move
Left click for shooting

1 for hand-to-hand combat
2 for selecting the main weapon
3 for the selection of auxiliary weapons
4 for selecting a small first aid kit
5 for selecting a large first aid kit, a mouse scroll for changing active items
F for weapons/ammunition

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