Spread the love is a fight against viruses to the finish. Either you defeat viruses, or the virus defeats the person you live in and then you need to start again!

How to play Defenders and I. The only task in Defender is to save my man. For this, it is necessary to exterminate viruses. Most often they breed in the region of the feet and brushes. One in this toy can not be managed, but three of us – four of them can be done. To kill viruses, you need to click on them. To click many times in a row you are tortured, so hold down the click and move the cursor over the viruses. So you will exterminate them with cosmic speed. And to move around in Bodyguards io, you need to click and “drag” your antivirus behind the cursor. The game was very fast and exciting. After a few losses in a row, you really want to save your man and fulfill a mission. And only together we can do it!

Control: Click to attack and move around

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