Spread the love is a very nice Bomberman. The action takes place in five locations, between which there are narrow transitions. As the blocks break, players collect improvements for their character and try to become the best bomb-thrower.

How to play: The task in is fairly common for all Bombermen who have only been or will be: break into the Top by the number of players knocked out of the game and stay there as a leader. But here the implementation of this game at a very high level, starting with excellent visual design and a lot of diverse, and, most importantly, free skins available. Moving on the map you need to place bombs that explode after a while, destroying the colored blocks and destroying the players. You have to be careful, because you can blow yourself up on your own bomb. In addition, it is impossible to pass through bombs, so if you are pressed to a wall by a bomb, then most likely you will explode and you will lose one life. But in it can turn out to be not such a terrible disaster, because here you can collect the symbols of hearts that add 1 life, and there are various bonuses that can be used tactically. Bonus cast, Shield and Mines are controlled from the corresponding buttons A, Z, E. The cast allows you to pass through the walls, while remaining vulnerable to the blast wave, the Shield for a while makes you immune to the explosion, and Mina works when approaching it. So if you were pressed to the wall with bombs, then you can turn the ghost and go through the bomb, or turn on the shield and survive the attack. And Mina adds excitement. Passages between locations are not so many, and minifying them is a normal occupation, than everyone does. So before going through, it’s better to make sure that the passage is not mined. You can verify this: a blast wave destroys everything in its path, including bonuses that appear on the map and Mina. So sometimes it’s tactically correct to put ahead of yourself and blow up a bomb just for the sake of checking – and whether the path is mined. The other symbols on the right side of the picture show the number of bombs available for a one-time bookmark, their explosive power, your speed and the number of lives. The symbol of the skull is better not to choose – for a while it inverts all your control and it will become difficult to navigate in space.

Controls: Arrow keys to move

Space for bombing

A, Z, E to activate bonuses

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