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Welcome to the mega cool game “”, where you can become the coolest fighter. “” is a multiplayer game in which you can play with players from different corners of the planet. To do this, you just need to choose one of the rooms that are assigned to one of many countries and forward fists. Before you start the game you need to get training. Management in the game is a little convoluted and training will not hurt you. After training, you will have access to the main game and you will be able to proceed. Choose one of the several characters: a tattooed guy, an African American, a bothersome fat man, a daring girl and a steep roll. Each fighter has different characteristics and you must make your choice by pushing away from it. When the game starts, you will be in the epicenter of the hottest fights. Everyone will try to strike harder, attack from the back or just catch unawares and be without a break. Also, during fights, you will find weapons that can be used in a fight. During the game, you will pump your muscles, which will give you the opportunity to become stronger and stronger. Thus, the blow will become stronger, and the damage to the enemy is heavier. Good luck!

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