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Exciting game “” – it’s a multiplayer, containing different maps and environments, where you have to fight and win. Once in the arena, you first need to navigate. If it’s streets of the city, then you can conduct a traditional city battle, dominating and destroying rivals. But not everything is so simple. If you first play in a clean zone, then a dirty cloud will cover a significant part of the territory. The main goal is to stay outside the contaminated area. To determine your location, use a mini-map.
The game “” is a new approach to the stalled standards of such online toys. The original feature of this shooter is the presence of ghosts, in which dead players turn. Affect the outcome of the battle, they can not, but until the end are her disembodied observers. To win, use the weapons found, with the help of first aid kits, restore health. Control: WASD keys to move, mouse click – shooting, E – pick up weapons, T – chat.

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