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Buy Buy Buy io is fairly simple by the rules, but very gamble and a game. You are a millionaire who wants to buy all the enterprises of the country. But you are not alone …

How to play :

The game task in Bai Bai Bai Io is to control a larger percentage of businesses on the map. You have a gun that shoots money. The amount of money that you have, as well as every second increase – in the lower right corner. On each building there is a number that you need to pay to buy it. After you buy a building, you also need to feed it with money so that the other player can not take it cheaply. Each building, depending on its type, has its maximum amount of money that it can accommodate. With the growth of real estate in Buy Buy Buy, you are growing physically and your speed is increasing. Playing makes sense with a new card when still in equal conditions. When you go at least in the middle of the game, then the chances to catch up with the first player is quite small. Attack other players and Bai Bai Bai Io will not work. You shoot money, and just give your money to the enemy. So the strategy is to navigate the map and buy up a property that is of little value; to put it in money, so that other players should take it expensive, and move on to another object. So you can buy everything you want!


WASD for movement

Click for shooting

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