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Do you remember PACMAN? Multiplayer and game «» gave a second life to the amusing hero of game consoles. Our character has changed a little. Now it changes not only its own colors and shades but also hats. Choose what will be your Kapman: his appearance and hat. The choice is simply huge – from baseball cap to kettle. And then start playing, moving in the labyrinths of different rooms. In each room, there are coins that you will collect, and earn points. Territory will be guarded by cute ghosts, a clash with which is highly undesirable, if not intending to stop this game.
Manage your boyfriend’s arrows of the keyboard, move fast and rise in the ranking. Entertainment in retro style will give you many pleasant moments. Especially in multiplayer mode, where hundreds and thousands of players from different countries compete. The game «» will cheer and cheer up. Call friends and join a fun company. Excellent impressions and new victories. Good luck.

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