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Races, shootings, excellent 3D graphics – it’s all a new game and “”. Do you want extreme? There is enough here. Sit behind the wheel of the car and drive around the arena in the highlands. But be careful, all around are your enemies, and are constantly trying to destroy you and your car. Act on the lead hit first. For those funds that you can earn, you can pump your car, increase the rate of fire guns, and restore lost health.
You will play WASD keys to move, use the mouse to aim, and to shoot with the left click. Choose your own strategy and tactics of survival. Avoid enemy bullets, make a distracting maneuver and bypass your competitors. For the gained advantage and defeated opponents you will receive a decent reward. Go to the next level, each time improving your car. Game «» – multiplayer, which will compete online with players from different points of our planet. Become the best and show what you can. Good luck!

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