Spread the love is an original game with some elements from the games of the world. Fresh gameplay, uneasy rivalry and a thirst for victory for their team attract dogs and cats and players from all over the world. How to play :

The main task in is 100% capture of the territory of one of the teams. In addition, the game has a personal rating, and it’s nice to be the king of the card. In addition, when the entire card is captured by one of the teams, the game does not restart, and the current card is reset, and the player’s level of pumping is preserved. The territory is captured by assigning control points. In the game everywhere there are edible supplies, eating which you gain weight. The more mass, the slower you become, but in return you get a stronger impact, and, accordingly, a faster capture of control points and more effective destruction of rivals. To pump, you need to extract gold, and then buy upgrades in the store. But in order to use the store, as well as the pharmacy, they must be on the territory taken by someone, whether yours or not. But the more on the control of your team $ Banks and Houses, the more your passive income in the game. Gold is also given for killing players of the opposing team. It is important to understand that an upgrade can only buy one of the three offered, and then it can be more powerful and powerful. But no matter how powerful you are, you can destroy any player with a live bomb, which appears in the loving interaction of two players. To enter into a love affair, you need to press E. Your character will stand in place and if another player, after hitting your pink box, also presses E, then after a while a small face will appear next to you – a bomb. Pressing the spacebar, it fires in the direction of the cursor and destroys anyone from one stroke. You can have a lot of bombs at once. was a very balanced game. Even the most powerful character can be dislodged by placing a shit in the truest sense of the word. This is done by pressing the right button, you are accelerating for loss of about 10% of the mass. And on the place where you stood, a turd is formed, which in a few minutes will disappear. But there is someone in it, it will very quickly lose weight. You can be cured of this only in pharmacies, it will not work.
Move to WASD

Click for the attack: Right click acceleration + leave the poop
Throw a bomb – a space

Propagate or enter the store – E

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