Chasing Numbers

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Chasing numbers is a competition for speed. You are fighting PvP with a random player or friend. The task is to quickly recognize the numbers, click and do not brake!

How to play: The game goal in Speed ​​figures is to score more points during the game than your opponent. In order to gain points, you need to click on the numbers and special symbols (Stitch and Bomb) that constantly appear on the map. When you click on a number, for another player it stops being available. In Chasing the Neums, you can create your own private room to play with your friends. After creating such a room you need to give a friend a link to it. The important thing in Speed ​​figures is Energy. It is indicated by a special icon at the top right of the playing field. If you click on a player occupied by another player or empty cells you have lowered Energy. When you click on free numbers or special icons, then Energy rises. When you have zero energy, you can not click and have to wait a few seconds for it to automatically appear. Without it, you will not be able to click. In fact, this is a penalty for those players who randomly pokes on the field. You can play Chasing the nubbers as a guest, or you can register. Then you will be called by that name, which you will choose and will be able to participate in the Hall of Glory, where all the records of players are celebrated.

Management: Click on an unoccupied digit to add yourself points

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