Coaster Town

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Coaster town is not just a simulator for building an amusement park. It is not as large-scale as Manyland, but it is large-scale for those who like to bargain

How to play :

The main task in Coaster Town is entertainment in its pure form. For building, destroying, performing tasks that you can see on the game forums you get levels. These levels affect things that you can use and, as a rule, you are not given things that are not your level. If only you do not buy them. But in general, the Coaster town is very balanced and the money will be acquired along with the experience. You are building an amusement park. Each park in Coaster is a room where you can enter, hang out with friends, and, most importantly, bargain with the things that you fell for achieving levels and accomplishing tasks. Game coins or Chips (Chips) you can buy, the gulf into the game real money, and can quietly earn money by buying and selling things and making grandiose attractions. The more people will come to your room, the better!

Coaster Town is not just a game; it is very closely connected with the forum, where current affairs are discussed, asking for help, fixing bugs, making alliances and even playing weddings. If you like to communicate and you want to make new friends, then you definitely like it!

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