Spread the love is not a fight against everyone, but will you have to fight with a sausage or is it a doctor’s? probably, a hunting sausage … Yes, in general, it is not so important)

How to play:

Your main task in is to spread your rivals to the nines and get to the first line of the rating. If you attack from behind, then for this will give more points! Try to hold on as long as possible, collect colored dots to get rating points and increase the size of sausages, and destroy enemies, for them will give more points! If you are threatened with a huge sausage, use acceleration to avoid the inevitable.

In, you can choose the skin color of your character, light, dark and even orange! And you can also choose hair color and hairstyle. Well, this is for those who decide to be particularly Froze 🙂

Management in

Move with the mouse
Accelerate by clicking
On mobile devices, by touching one hand you specify the direction, the second one can be accelerated

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