Spread the love is a very original game about collecting mass. Here, you will all the time to fatten, until someone young, small and quick does not slap you with dynamite. Beware!

How to play: The main task in Dick Steve is to score as many points as possible. To do this, you need to collect apples and eggs that appear on the map. For eggs you get a lot more experience. A dead rival splits into a lot of eggs. Do you understand why this game is bent on us? Yes! It is necessary to scatter around dynamite checkers to destroy rivals, and then take their experience to themselves. With each new level you increase slightly. Together with the volume increases the ability of your character in Crazy Steve io to collect apples and glasses. But at the same time you gradually slow down and become more vulnerable to attacks by fast rivals. Therefore, the Top player quickly opens the hunting season; players scour the field in search of “fat man.” So the more points you score, the sharper the battle becomes! Another feature of Wild Steve I is that you can undermine your own sword. You can throw 3 pieces at a time; only after the explosion of one of them you can throw a new one. Apples and eggs appear on the map constantly. They usually fight in the center and therefore one should periodically look at the edges of the map in order to collect a thick crop of points.

Control: The character moves behind the cursor

Click to drop the bomb

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