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The new game “” will send us to the realm of beasts, where there is a constant rivalry and struggle for survival. At first, you will play for a rather weak, awkward and slow-moving beast, who is in danger from all sides. Predators scour around in search of food. At the same time, they prefer to refresh themselves with small and inexperienced beginners, than to collect colored crumbs and slowly gain weight. But even such a child can survive and if not to eat, then bite a stronger competitor, if you approach it from the back.
If you have to survive a head-on collision, but this will not cause any special harm and all will remain intact. But as soon as you show your opponent your butt – he will certainly take the opportunity to eat you. Controlling the movement of the WASD keys, and the Q, W, E buttons will allow you to use the skills. The game “” is a real confrontation in the animal world, in which you can take an active part.

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