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Online Crosswords is an opportunity to solve crosswords for free with both opponents of the Tolstoy or Shakespeare level, and simply with solving them by real people.

How to play: The main task in Online Crosswords is to collect as many points as possible during the game. The player who does this is considered the winner. And the game itself continues until the field can not be laid out a single letter. First, you will be asked to choose the language in which you want to play. The chosen language is, in fact, a game room. In it you can compete with varying degrees of difficulty with bots, and you can play with a person. You choose a person from the list of players, or at random. A set of letters that you can upload, you have at the bottom. To spread the words, it is enough to rearrange them on the field, and after your word is ready, you must click the “Submit” button. If you can not come up with a single word, you can replace a few letters from your stock. You will be worth it in Online Crosswords exactly one move. Press the “PASS” button and select the letters you want to replace. You can replace all letters; the quantity is unlimited. Note that you can get a complete game and vocabulary reference for the word that was just laid out on the field. All laid out words appear in the menu to the right of the playing field. Just click on the word to open a page with the statistics of this word and its designation. Online Crosswords is not only an entertaining game, but also a great opportunity to pull up your foreign. Free, fun, and even with native speakers!

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