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a new io game from the studio Spinbot. Maybe at first, it looks like all other snake games, but Curvz io has a couple of chic moves!

How to play:

The main task in to score points and ideally get to the top of the leaderboard. You can earn points simply by collecting color points, but it’s a long time and, I admit, it’s pretty boring. But the second option is more fun, you need to attack your opponents! To defeat an opponent you need to bite him on the weak side, namely from behind. Once the opponent is defeated you will pass some of his points. However, here lies the danger. The fact is that in Curvz io you can change the direction of movement at any time by pressing the spacebar! And this means that the tail that you just wanted to bite can suddenly turn into a head! In order to hide from the rivals in there are special blocks. Only one player can hide in one block. In addition, if your level is higher than the number on the block, you can not hide in it.

Space bar to change direction
Left click to accelerate

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