Spread the love displays the genre of games with the capture of the territory to a new level! The original game mechanics, pumping an aircraft and a dense battle with competitors – that’s what awaits those who sat at the helm in Deflay.

How to play :

The combat task in is to capture if not the entire territory of the game, then as much of its part as possible. If you crash, you will be given a full account of how much territory you captured in the percentage ratio and how many points you managed to score. Death awaits you in two cases: you will be blown up or you will hit the territory of an opponent yourself. To capture the territory, you need to place control points and stretch the walls between the points already set. Be careful: too far to stretch the line does not work. After some distance from the start your line will be thinned and interrupted. Until this happens, you have the opportunity to put a new benchmark. The more points you put, the stronger will be your network, and that’s why. Aircraft in the defloy Io can shoot. Bullets, falling into the points, destroy them. Because of the breaks in the lines, your web breaks. Nevertheless, the most reliable way to break the opponent’s web is to destroy his flying device. Sometimes you have to sweat for this. The fact is that your bullets ricochet from the lines – the walls. But the rival can shoot through walls, actually hiding behind them. And to get the enemy out of the shelter, you have to break his web. At the same time, no one forbids you to build your own defense at the same time during the battle! So, we get points in in two ways: building your territory and destroying the opponent’s structure. The points gained lead us to the Top, and also raise our helicopter in level. The increase in the level gives the pumping points for which you can improve your flying machine.

Controls: WASD to move

Click for shooting

Right click to place a control point

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