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Try to be a little tank, plunge into the world of struggle for your existence. The new game Diep io the whole screen from the creators of the acclaimed Agar.io, guaranteed will not let you get bored and delay for a long time.
The essence of this arcade is as follows: crawl around the field, eat balls, grow and attack the lives of your rivals. The more food you absorb, the larger you will become. Of course, for rapid growth, we will have to kill our brothers and until other users have flown into the prey, they are there.
Unlike almost all similar games, here even the biggest and cunning tank risks becoming a victim. Everything is built on cunning, attentiveness and caution. as you already tear into small pieces.
Manage and play Diep io in the full screen is simple – you need to move the cursor in the desired direction. If you want to move faster, then click on any mouse button. But the sprint takes the accumulated points. Therefore, this function is better to start at the start only in case of emergency.
The color of the character is given randomly, but for those who want originality, developers have created the ability to change skins, i.e. Color armor. In order for it to become available, it is necessary to share a link to the diep.io in any social network by clicking on the corresponding icon.
The game is browser-based, and not always for some reason can clearly see what is happening on the monitor. The viewing area can be enlarged by pressing F11 on the keyboard. Then it will turn on the full screen.

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