Spread the love is a 3D game about air battles. Players fight for airspace over the sea and try to hit the enemy base. Dogfight is made in the style of the First World War and it gives pleasure to both models and graphics. Players will have to choose the type of airplane, on which everyone can lead his team to victory, defeating the enemy boss. is a beautiful and stylish game that will appeal to lovers and veterans of io games. How to play A combat mission in is to smash the enemy Boss. To do this, you need to properly pump, collecting yellow kegs, blue cubes and destroying enemies. The increase in the level will not only affect the size of your airplane, but it will give you points for pumping weapons, health, speed and other characteristics. The boss at is a huge airship, producing balloons and small airships. And if the units, which the boss releases, are rather weak in health, although they beat hard, the Boss is not easy to overcome. Without a serious pumping, he does not do much damage. In addition, one way or another will have to constantly fly to refill the health of the blue cubes. Once the enemy Boss is blown up, players leave the battlefield, and Dogfight reboots for a new battle. to date in beta mode and a little podlagivaet, but it is already clear that the game is decent and that under the right development will win a lot of love among fans of io games.


WASD to move Left click to shoot Right click to kill the bomb.

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