Spread the love is a game in the style of games for the extraction of resources for the subsequent survival. Original design, a lot of game options for building buildings, creating objects of use and weapons – all inside. And the battle with other players and the local fauna, of course!

How to play: The goal in to earn as many points as possible. To do this, you have a wide range of activities. For starters, you need to get resources. Manually you can get only a tree. In the upper right corner, there is an up arrow – this is the menu for creating weapons and building buildings. With objects like a pickax, you can already get a tree, and the extraction speed will increase. As you harvest resources, hunt animals and battles with other players, you are pumped into the level. For each level, you can pump one of its characteristics in the lower left corner. The distinctive features of can be considered water and lava. Water spaces can be crossed, but slowly. But in the lava, you can die very quickly, despite how much you are pumped. In general, despite the similarity of Doomed io with other games of this type, it can be noted that the game was good, with original ideas and a very fit incarnation.


WASD – Move
Click – Beat / Use item
Spacebar – Jump (accelerate)
Shift – Crawl
Q – Discard the item
Q + Shift to throw out 10 things at once
T – Attach the weapon to the wall or the peaks

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