Spread the love is an RPG style game. It’s pretty simple, but it catches nice graphics and funny monsters. For adults, it is quite simple, but the children will like it! .

How to play As in any other RPG, in Dotta, the main task is to swing. To do this, we will fight with monsters in different worlds-locations and with each other. As the battles won, our character grows in level and strength, advanced combat skills become available. You can fight both hand-to-hand and with magic. The available amount of magic is seen at the top left. Everything, except melee, requires some kind of magic, so it’s better to fight better with a full mana. By clicking on the book, you can enter the skills distribution menu and select the ones with which you are more comfortable to fight. is quite simple and the fifth level, where all skills are available, is packed quickly. In addition, even if you die, then immediately reborn with the same amount of experience and can immediately continue the battle.

Managing QWER to use combat skills

Right click to move around

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