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Driftin.io – novelty io, afterburner, which resembles the multiplayer Diep io. You need to drive a racing car, which rides around and earns points. On the money you can pump skills:
Max health – improves vital characteristics
Healt Regen (health regeneration) is the most important indicator, it must be pumped first. Restores the strength, so you can move on.
Move Speed
Max Boost (maximum acceleration) is also not an important factor. Its value is displayed in the lower right corner, near the word Boost. It is necessary to correctly allocate this skill. Otherwise, you can be trapped by other participants.
Boost Refill
The goal is to become the most powerful and strong car on the field. The map is presented in the form of a square. You can move in different directions, clockwise, or counter-clockwise. One circle gives 1 point + restores health to earn more, you have to kill other players. In total, you can drive 20 laps, after they pass, the game begins again.
In Driftin io a few racing cars, press the Class button and choose the device you like, good luck!
Mouse – drive a racing car
12345 – ability to pump

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