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Drillz.io is a game about getting resources with the help of a special drill, improving this very drill and fighting with other players. The motto of the game is to beat others or you will be beaten. Plus there is an opportunity to put engineering facilities that help in the confrontation.

How to play:

┬áThe task in Drils is to become the coolest player, puncturing the most points in passing. The game has pop-up tips, with which you can take the first steps. And in the future, everything will depend on your skill and agility. In the top you can see the strip of pumping your drill and how much more resources you need to get a new type of tool. And at the bottom you can see squares with numbers – these are blocks that can be set for the cost indicated on them on the map in order to be fenced off from other players. Drillz.io is a good experiment against the background of the popularity of games like moomoo.io and Glor.io, which brings a variety and freshness to the world of ideas and games.

WASD control – move

Click to drill

Click on the square at the bottom of the screen and drag it onto the map for construction

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