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Duals.io is a new multiplayer from the Io series, similar to Diep + Mope io. Enter the battlefield and earn money to pump your hero. To do this, shoot the boxes, cannons, zombies and other participants. All as always, in order to kill rivals, you need to become stronger. Otherwise, you risk flying out of the stage ahead of time. There are 30 levels. For the execution of a small box, $ 10 is charged, per 100 guns. When you exit the game, skill updates are saved. Upgrade the entire inventory to the maximum until a black badge appears: a bazooka, single-barreled and double-barreled gun, body armor and more. Armor restores vital energy and gives a strip of life.
Take the top players of duals.io and become the best shooter in this exciting shooter, good luck!
Arrow keys – move
B – shop
Z, X, scroll – change weapons
F – Infinite shooting
T – chat

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