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Durak.io is a port of the classic card game, made in very good tone. Magnificent graphics, animation, advanced ai. This game is just a sample of how good games can look!

How to play: The gaming challenge in Durak is, of course, a win. You can play with your friends by inviting and linking to your game room, with random people or with bots. The intelligence of the bots is very thorough, so do not expect an easy victory. It will be interesting! The rules in the local fool are such that only neighbors can throw cards on the table to the attacker. The player sitting opposite, waits for the next turn. The game itself will tell you when to walk, when to wait and even highlight the map with which it is best to go in the situation in which you are. Go to Durak’s settings. Here you can change everything: the color of the playing field, shirt cards, set the cards a different style and much more. Pleases worthy quality of performance of game: thematic animation of cards, atmospheric game space, yes in general all! Durak and vividly stands out against the background of the same type of card games. This is a real breakthrough!

Control: Click and drag the card to the field to go to it.

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