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Edom.io is an RPG in which you need to perform quests, pump your character through the levels and fight with enemies. Cooperate with other players to make it more fun!

How to play:

The main task in Edomo is to fulfill quests. The tasks to be performed are in the lower right corner. You need to click on the gray box next to the chest. In the chest are stored the coins you have obtained and artifacts. To put on an artifact, you need to drag it to the appropriate slot for it. Artifacts will be useful to you to fight with mobs in the course of the task. Mobs in Edom io are aggressive, and there are others that will not touch you until you first attack. In the upper right corner is the state of your health. Due to the fact that the game is still at the earliest stage of development, there are a lot of bugs. Health, which should be filled automatically, until it replenishes in the right way. But if you switch to another tab, and then back, you’ll see that your hp is replenished.
 If you register in Edom.io, then you can trade with other players. And for communication there is a chat.

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