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Before you the next simulator from the category of Agario, but this time he has the original name – “Elites io”. It almost immediately fell in love with all Internet users who are addicted to video games. For what exactly? Probably everyone has their own history of relationships with the game, but it is always positive.

This game itself is quite positive, because it helps communicate gamers from all over the world who meet and communicate here without any obstacles. To this end, and added a chat room, where immediately write to find new friends and assistants. They will prompt tricky loopholes, which there is no way to deal with their own efforts, because the beginner is not given a passage.

It’s not surprising that your character will become a circle. Geometric forms generally use some special arrangement among fans of “Elites io”. Given this, it’s nothing strange that you need to grow it. But since this is your first experience, you have to work hard to become the owner of the largest ball. But this is not an excuse not to try.

Take care of feeding your character and throw him colorful gems. After that, the game will go like clockwork. But it is desirable to collect larger stones, they bring more balls and therefore it is more profitable for you – you will spend less time on the stipulated mission. But on bezrybe and cancer fish, because if side by side there are small crystals, eat them.

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